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- Galaxy of Ice Creams & Fast Foods

START with us

With us by your side, owning a business will be easier than you think. With minimal investment and consistent high returns, Milkyway Franchise is ideal for starters and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

LEARN from us

We know the industry. Our Journey began in 1994, and with 2 decades of expertise we sure will have something for you to learn.

Let's GROW together

We are about a 18 strong. With stores across Chennai and with new stores in Bengaluru and Andamans, we would like to welcome you on board. Let's keep growing together.


We are happy that you would like to know more About Us

What we do?

With systematic approach and processes, Milky Way manufactures ice creams, softy and thick milk shakes with world-class Italian Styled Machines. These machines are state of the art and churn out ice creams of the highest quality under the most hygienic conditions. Most of the ingredients used in manufacturing ice cream process are ISO9001-2000 or HACCP certified, thereby ensuring the quality of the products is of the highest standard.

Why choose us?

  • Our Expertise

    We are 2 decades old. Right from Production to Store Management, our expertise can help you whenever you need.

  • Minimum Investment, High Returns

    Let numbers speak - All inclusive your total investment to start will be around INR 15 lacs. You can expect a return of around INR 12 Lacs, and an annual growth rate of about 20%.


What will Milkyway Provide?

  • The Brand

    Our products are time tested, and so our brand is simply loved.

  • Logistics and Inventory

    Total Logistics and Inventory support.

  • Starting Up

    Milyway way will assist you right from finalizing your outlet spot to setting up your store

  • Proven Systems

    Our systems have stood the test of time.

  • Required Machinery

    All machinery you would need will be provided by Milkyway.

  • Continuous Support

    Right for setting up to training, we would provide all that you need.

Contact Us

G-7, Wellingdon Estate,
24, Commander-in-Chief Road,
Egmore, Chennai-600105

Mobile - +91 9841069000